Episode 26 Solo Episode

Since it’s 2021, that means this is my 20th year in comedy, so here’s the story of my first time performing and some of my influences.

Episode 25 Interview with Giancarlo

Episode 24 Interview with Matt Peterson

Curt’s old friend, Matt Peterson joins him this week as they record in Matt’s vehicle. Matt talks about his life as a musician, how Curt got him into stand up, his experience in TV and film, and his new love of photography. Click on Matt’s name to check out his website to see some of his work! There’s also a funny outtake at the end.

Episode 23 Interview with Allen Clark

Albuquerque podcaster, Allen Clark joins Curt on this episode to talk about Potential Problems Podcast, video games, and his time doing stand up comedy.

Episode 22 Interview with Keith Breckenridge

Comedian Keith Breckenridge talks about growing up in a racist Texas town, moving to Albuquerque, stand up and more!

Episode 21 Interview with Roger Peterson

Roger Peterson, the Turkey Fu!#er, joins Curt on the podcast to talk about his early life working with turkeys, and his life in comedy.

Episode 20 Interview with Ron Feingold

Comedian Ron Feingold joins Curt on the podcast to talk about comedy, becoming a pilot, and incorporating music into his act.

Episode 19 Interview with Royal Wood

Albuquerque comedian Royal Wood is Curt’s guest on the podcast. He talks about his comedy career and his future goals.

Episode 18 Interview with Zach Amon

Tulsa comedian, Zach Amon chats with Curt about doing comedy, playing video games, podcasting and playing guitar.

Episode 17 Interview with Dave Mencarelli

Dave Mencarelli makes an announcement about his comedy career and he debuts his new hat choice.