Episode 6 Interview with Niki Mangin

Niki Mangin talks about The After After Party, Bryan Cranston, and how she got started in stand up comedy. There were some technical issues, so I had to edit a few things.

Episode 5 Interview with Delmone Taylor

Delmone Taylor joins Curt on the show and talks about his life as a professional musician, being friends with Sinbad, life on the road with The James Douglas Show, Carlos Santana opening for them, and a lot more!

Episode 4 Interview with Dante

Curt has a chat with Dante, they talk about turtles with missing limbs, Dante’s comedy career and his famous former client, Ron Jeremy.

Episode 3 Interview with Jason Russell

Curt chats with his old friend, Jason Russell. They talk about performing together, when Jason met his wife in Albuquerque, and their rap group N.W.L.

Episode 2 Interview with Tim Gaither

Curt talks to his good friend, comedian Tim Gaither. Tim talks about moving to LA, almost getting beaten to death after a show, and making funny videos.

Episode 1 Interview with Holly Byrd

Curt talks to his good friend Holly Byrd, about being a comedian and some of her other adventures in life, including touring with a band and beating cancer.