Episode 41 Interview with Tim Gaither and Kayla Esmond

Comedians Tim Gaither and Kayla Esmond join Curt to chat at the comedy condo after a show in Wichita.

Episode 40 Interview with Jason Russell and Jon Patterson

Jason Russell and Jon Patterson join Curt on the show, give it a listen!

Episode 39 Interview with Jason Russell

Comedian Jason Russell talks to Curt about comedy, Tony Hinchcliffe, his new comedy special “Beige Frosty,” and more in this episode.

Episode 38 Interview with Jeff Koehn

Denver comedian/artist Jeff Koehn joins the show to talk comedy festivals, Troy Baxley, the best strip club in the United States and more in this episode!


Episode 36 Interview with Butch Lord

Comedian Butch Lord joins Curt on the show to tell some crazy stories. Unfortunately we had some audio issues and I had to cut a bunch out, and then once the audio was working I forgot to hit record, so we leave you hanging with Butch’s Carl LaBove story. I’m sorry for the issues! It’s still a fun episode.

Episode 35 Interview with John Cuellar


John Cuellar joins Curt as they get nostalgic talking about music videos, comedians from the 80s and 90s, Curt talks about his failed career as an artist and more!

Episode 34 Interview with Danger K. Varoz

Danger K. Varoz joins the show to talk about comedy, music, his future in politics and a lot more in this episode!

Episode 33 Interview with BK Sharad

BK Sharad joins the show to chat about stand up comedy, getting COVID, and his new hobbies during his down time on this episode.

Episode 28 Interview with Maverick McWilliams

Comedian Maverick McWilliams joins Curt to talk about comedy and getting snubbed for an acting gig where he was going to play himself. Also, check out the new intro music by grammy nominated Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup!

Episode 27 Interview with Paul Bond

Comedian Paul Bond joins the show to talk about his upcoming projects, touring with Jim Breuer and a lot more on this episode! There are some bonus videos/audio in the podcast, including Paul playing with Jim Breuer, a song parody about liberals and some of Paul’s stand up. He even did a System of a Down parody for me!